Since I was 14 years old, I took photographs (thats over 45 years now…). Later in life, I learned to make photographs. Thank you Ansel Adams! After going digital and leaving the analogue photo lab, possibilities became almost infinite. So I concentrated on technical photography: Astro, Infra Red, High Speed (Drop) photography and extreme Macro. For the latter two, I have dedicated studios. This page concentrates on my macro photography, which ist almost exclusively (save the Mantis pictures) made in the studios.

You don’t take a photograph. You make it.
Ansel Adams

Please find other pictures on my smugmug and flickr pages.

Besides my work in the studio I teach different courses at the Fotoschule Baur in Bülach (Switzerland).

Find out more about my style of macro photography here.

Oh, and by the way, you can buy my pictures! Just drop me a line which one you would like (right-click and copy the name) and I shall make you an offer. The price depends certainly on the size and on the material which the picture is fixed on. If it is for a long time display, please consider an aluminum back, the propylene might warp if the location is not entirely dry.

Now a very important part of my work is the collaboration with the concert pianist Nathalie Laesser Zweifel. Together we created the project mitFluegel.ch. Flügel is the German word for Piano. In the animal kingdom, it means Wing. So she researched many libraries for pieces about winged insects written for the grand piano and came up with faszinating music. She plays it in concerts and during the music I display the according instects (focusing in on its wings). Usually there is space for an exibition of my work too. Here a video example and an insight of an exhibition. For our next dates, please consult our page.

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